About Year4000 Network

Who Are We

We are a community based server. Started in May of 2011, at the dawn Minecraft's popularity. We started as a simple server created for classmates and close friends. We wanted a place where we could build and communicate together. We started with using Bukkit to enhance our game play. Then we decided to become a public server, and this is where the Year4000 started its epic journey. This amazing journey will not end anytime soon. Read More at www.year4000.net/page/history

Network Info

We are a one of a kind server, as we do not use traditional method of playing. We allow for all types of game styles. You are required to create an account to join our network. The reason for this was to create features that no other server can provide, this is our game to website integration. We reinvented the way you will play the game, as of this we use custom code that differ from how you play on other servers. With this Each server that we run is connected together, and you can connect to each server without reconnecting. We build our server's using high performance parts and custom code to bring excellent experience to you.


View all the rules at www.year4000.net/page/tos

  • Safeguard what you are going to say in the chat.
  • Keep away from creations that are not yours.
  • Unapproved client modifications are not acceptable.
  • Show respect to yourself and your creations.
  • Problems or issues need to be reported immediately.

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