We are a Minecraft server that has been around since 2011. We are working on our systems for a relaunch of Year4000. Above is the current progress of our relaunch, while bellow the theses are the tasks needed for relaunch. Feel free to contact us at: year4000@year4000.net
  • Backend Servers
  • Website
  • API Server
  • MapNodes

How our systems work

Each game is in its own collection and the demand of that gamemode will create a new game server when the player count reaches near the limit. When the player count of that game drops below the player limit it will flag the game server for deletion; this will free up space on the physical servers to create another game server for other games.

Our mission at Year4000

Here at Year4000 we want to provide the players of our community with the best experience possible. Our cloud based server architecture is the future; this was created to battle the demand for an ever growing player base. This system will act both as a cloud and a load balancer. The reason for this is the fact that when a game server is created they are also distributed across many different physical servers to balance out the load of each game server.

Connect with us on Discord

Here at Year4000 we want to provide our community with the best experience possible. We are on Discord to allow you to better communicate with us.